Great Depression Simulation


Looking for a fun way to teach your students about the Great Depression? This Great Depression Simulation is a fun dice game that integrates math and social studies skills!

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Great Depression Simulation

Great Depression Simulation is a fun dice game that can be used to teach students about the difficulties Americans faced during the Great Depression.

How Does the Simulation Activity Work?

During the activity, students will live through seven months of the Great Depression. They will roll a die to find out how much money they will earn at their job, pay monthly expenses, and draw cards with scenarios that will require them to pay more money or earn additional money each month. The scenarios on each card describe situations families would have experienced during the Great Depression. The amounts of money used throughout the simulation are comparable to costs of goods and average incomes during the time period. Throughout the experience, students must earn enough money to keep their family from becoming homeless!

What Materials Are Included With This Great Depression Simulation?

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Student Instructions
  • Chart to record monthly profits and losses
  • Scenario cards
  • Reflection worksheet

What Are Other Buyers Saying?

“Students were engaged throughout the activity and definitely helped me hit my objectives for the lesson!” (Anthony R.)

“My students LOVED this simulation. It took two days to complete, but they stayed engaged the WHOLE time.” (Mallory W.)

“Kids loved it! Helped to build empathy for the real people who lived during the Great Depression.” (Haley G.)

Don’t Miss Out!

Great Depression Simulation combines history and math skills! Students will add and subtract with decimals and whole numbers to complete the activity. This simulation activity is not only fun, but is a great way to help students gain a better understanding of America during the Great Depression!


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