Ancient Egypt Escape Room


Are you looking for a fun way to review ancient Egypt? Look no further! This Ancient Egypt Escape Room is the perfect review activity to use at the end of a unit or before state testing! This escape room activity is easy to set up and students will have lots of fun reviewing what they have learned!


Ancient Egypt Escape Room

In Ancient Egypt: Time Travel Escape Room students are in the process of time traveling back in time to study ancient Egypt when their time machine malfunctions! The only way for students to repair the time machine and return to the present is for students to successfully complete six challenges.

To take a closer look at the escape room activities included, check out the preview!

What will students learn with this classroom escape room?

Challenges can be used to introduce students to or to help students review the geography, economy, and culture of ancient Egypt. With these escape room activities, students will learn:

  • The geography of Africa and ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Egyptian inventions and architecture
  • Ancient Egyptian farming practices and the ways the Egyptians adapted to their environment
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Ancient Egyptian economics

What escape room activities are included?

Challenges require students to use critical thinking and inference skills. Challenges include activities such as:

  • analyzing a map and decoding clues to learn about the geography of Africa and Egypt
  • solving math problems to reveal true facts about ancient Egypt
  • decoding hieroglyphics
  • decoding secret messages to learn information about ancient Egypt
  • unscrambling words related to ancient Egyptian inventions
  • matching terms related to ancient Egypt to a correct description

Is a digital version included?

This resource includes two versions of the escape room. The first version is a PDF escape room that can be completed in a classroom.

The second version is a digital escape room that can be completed in Google Forms. The digital escape room is self-checking so that students can review the answers to their work even when learning remotely.

Are students able to complete any escape room activities digitally?

An option is provided for students to submit their final code through Google Forms. When using this option, students can self-check their work. An option is also provided for students to check their work on paper for classrooms that do not have access to technology.

What standards are covered?

This classroom escape room is aligned with the Ancient World Cultures SOLs 3.2, 2.5, 3.6a, 3.7, and 3.8.

While this escape room is specifically aligned to the Virginia SOLs, is also closely matches most ancient history standards related to ancient Egypt.

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This classroom escape room is included in my Ancient World Cultures Escape Rooms Bundle for a discounted price and in the 3rd Grade Social Studies Escape Rooms Bundle for a discounted price.

Don’t miss out!

Students will have fun learning more about ancient Egypt as they solve the challenges and work to return to the present in this escape room activity! Teacher instructions are provided that explain how to set up and implement the activity in your classroom with minimal prep work.


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If you would like more information about using classroom escape rooms, check out my blog post “Create the Perfect Classroom Escape Room.”

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