3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes


Are you looking for something other than a math textbook? These SOL-aligned 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes are an easy, simple tool for teaching or reviewing math skills without requiring students to lug around a heavy textbook that lacks engaging content. PDF and digital interactive notes are included.


3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes (Virginia SOL-Aligned)

3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes Bundle is essential for every 3rd-grade classroom! Even though textbooks are a thing of the past, students still need something to refer to when working independently at math centers or when working on homework.

Giving my students these math interactive notes with step-by-step instructions, strategies for solving, and rhymes for remembering steps has empowered those working at centers to keep moving independently rather than waiting for me if they get stuck. Since implementing these interactive notes in my classroom, my students have become more independent when solving math problems!

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What is included with these math interactive notes?

3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes Bundle comes with 100+ pages of interactive notes, covering every Virginia Math Standard of Learning (SOL). These interactive notes include:

  • important vocabulary
  • fill-in-the-blank step-by-step instructions
  • visual examples and models
  • practice problems
  • critical thinking and application questions
  • strategies and rhymes for remembering steps in certain types of problems

Answer keys and a table of contents are included to make planning easier for the teacher. An editable template has also been included so that you can add any additional tips or strategies you would like your students to know.

What topics do these math interactive notes cover?

Topics included in this 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes Bundle:

  • Place Value
  • Comparing Whole Numbers
  • Identifying and Modeling Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Money
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Rounding to Estimate Sums and Differences
  • Equality
  • Representing Multiplication
  • Times Tables
  • Representing Division
  • Division Facts
  • Properties of Multiplication
  • Measurement
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Time
  • Geometry
  • Bar Graphs and Pictographs
  • Patterns

What standards are covered?

This resource is specifically aligned to the 3rd-grade Virginia Math SOLs. All math SOLs are covered. The resource has been updated to align with the 2023 Virginia Math SOLs.

Are digital interactive notes included?

All of the note pages are also included in a digital format and can be shared with students using your Google Drive.

When you purchase this product, you will be given access to a link that will allow you to open the file in Google Slides. You’ll then share that file with your students. The slides can be printed and adapted for students who prefer to work by hand. You can also view and print a student’s completed version of the slides.

What if I want to create my own math interactive notes?

An editable PDF template is included so that you can add any additional tips or specific strategies you use for teaching math skills.

Don’t miss out!

These 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes are a great way to help students learn or review third-grade math skills. These interactive notes are perfect for guided instruction, a reference tool during centers, and as a homework helper.


These math interactive notes are included in my 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notes and Parent Study Guides Bundle for a discounted price!


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