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For years, I struggled to make Daily 5 work in my upper elementary classroom. After attending the Daily 5 conference several years ago, I developed the perfect system for using Daily 5 in upper elementary and middle school. This resource provides everything you need to get started with Word Work actvities and Work on Writing activities!

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Word Work Activities and Work on Writing Activities

Word Work Activities and Work on Writing Activities includes everything you need to get started with Word Work and Work on Writing ! After several years of experience using Daily 5, I have put together all of my upper elementary and middle school strategies, activity ideas, posters, and resources to use with Word Work and Work on Writing stations!

Whether it is your first time using Daily 5 or you have been doing it for years and need new ideas, these materials will save you time and your students will have fun reading and writing. In this resource, you will find everything needed to navigate you through an entire school year using Daily 5.

What is included in this Daily 5 resource?

Included in this Word Work and Work on Writing set, you will find:

  • More than 10 pages of teacher tips and ideas for making Daily 5 work in upper elementary and middle school. This includes classroom setup, management, procedures, and information about resources your students will love.
  • 24 task cards with Word Work activities. Print and laminate these cards and you will have all the Word Work activities you need to last the entire year. The purpose of these activities is to help upper elementary and middle school students expand their vocabularies and work on spelling.
  • 9 posters to hang in your Word Work and Work on Writing stations with commonly asked questions, expectations, and goals. Hang these and your students will never need to interrupt you to ask questions when you are working with other students.
  • Any needed worksheets are provided to go with your Word Work station. Instructions and pictures are also provided to help you inexpensively create items needed for certain activities.
  • Editable templates for Word Work posters, Word Work task cards, and Work on Writing posters. Create your own activity task cards and posters to go with the ones included in this resource!

Don’t miss out!

My reading and writing class works like a well oiled machine using these procedures, ideas, and activities. Students enjoy the activities so much that they do not even realize they are doing school work.


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