Just when you thought ClassPoint’s interactive PowerPoints couldn’t get any better, they release a new tool that is a serious game-changer for teachers… an AI quiz generator!

Gone are days of spending an hour just to create one quiz. With ClassPoint’s AI-powered question generator, you can create quizzes for all grade levels and subject areas in seconds.


What is an AI-Generated Quiz?

AI stands for “artificial intelligence.” Using artificial intelligence means using computer programs to carry out tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Think of all the time you could save in your classroom by handing off tasks to AI! One task you can start handing off to AI is quiz creation.

ClassPoint is one of my favorite programs for teachers. The free download for teachers allows you to create interactive PowerPoint presentations that students can interact with both remotely and in person. For years, ClassPoint has provided ways to add interactive multiple-choice questions, drawing tools, and word cloud activities to classroom PowerPoint presentations.


But now, ClassPoint has released a new tool that uses AI to read a PowerPoint presentation and generate a variety of quiz questions. Best of all, you can customize the levels and types of questions used to create diverse question banks that require students to use different levels of thinking. All of this can be done in seconds with just the click of a button!

How Do I Use the ClassPoint AI Quiz Generator?

Get started using ClassPoint’s AI quiz generator by downloading ClassPoint for free.

After installing ClassPoint, the ClassPoint toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen when sharing PowerPoints in presentation mode. Along the toolbar, you will notice a circle with “AI” in the middle. Click this button.

Customize Your Quiz

By selecting “Options” on the AI generator screen, you can customize quizzes in three ways.

  1. Question Type: Check the types of questions the AI quiz generator can create. Multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer questions are supported at the time of writing this blog post.
  2. Question Level: Select the levels of questioning the AI quiz generator can use. There are six levels to choose from that are each connected to Bloom’s taxonomy.
  3. Language: Select the language that questions and answers will appear in. Even if the PowerPoint presentation is in English, the AI-generated questions can be in a different language. This option is particularly helpful for ESL learners and foreign language classes.

Create Questions

Click the “Generate Question” button to start the AI program. The AI will read the text on the PowerPoint slide and generate a question that meets the specifications selected on the “Options” screen.

Helpful Tip: The AI is only able to read free-standing text on a slide. It cannot read images or text embedded within images.


After the AI has generated a question, you’ll see three options below the question.

  1. Check answer: Click this button for the correct answer to appear. You do not have to create your own answer key, which is another helpful time saver.
  2. Save as slide: Click this button to insert the question as a slide to save it or to turn it into an interactive question that students can answer from their device. I’ll share how this tool is helpful in the next section of this post.
  3. Generate another: Click this button to continue creating questions related to the slide you are on.

How to Use AI Questions in the Classroom

I love ClassPoint’s AI quiz generator for two reasons—time and engagement.

I spend a lot of time every week creating summative and formative assessments. Using AI to generate my question banks saved a ton of time. That provides more time to spend with students during the day, and more free time outside of contract hours. But saving time with AI does not mean a decrease in quality. I truly have been impressed with the quality of questions produced by ClassPoint’s AI question maker.

The other thing I love about ClassPoint’s AI quiz generator is the opportunity to add new levels of engagement in the classroom. There are so many possibilities for how it can be used in the classroom!

Quick Checks

Using the AI question maker is a quick and easy way to quiz students throughout a PowerPoint presentation. If you notice students not paying attention, use the AI tool to quickly create a question about a slide. Call on students to discuss the answer to the question generated. This is an easy way to redirect students’ attention and keep them on task when they get distracted.

Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, create one or more questions for each slide and save each question as a slide.

Then, use ClassPoint’s other tools to add interactives to each of the slides where the questions were added. You can use the multiple choice tool with generated multiple choice questions, the fill in the blank tool with generated fill in the blank questions, and the short answer tool with generated short answer questions.


Using the interactive tools with the generated questions will allow students to respond to each question on their own devices. The interactive tools also show how each student responds, so that you know what parts of the presentation you need to spend more time reviewing.

Helpful Tip: To make a PowerPoint presentation even more engaging, award stars to students using ClassPoint’s gamification tools as they complete the interactives assigned to each generated question.

Classroom Game Show

Any PowerPoint presentation can go from drab to fab by turning the PowerPoint into a game show!

Before starting the presentation, assign students to teams. Give each team a small dry erase board and a marker.

Teach the content in the slideshow as you normally would. But, pause periodically and allow the AI to generate questions. Any time a question is generated, students should quietly discuss the answer as a team and record the correct response on their dry erase boards. Call on all teams to hold up their boards at the same time. Award points to teams who answer correctly. Keep track of the points throughout the presentation and award the winning team at the end.

Turning your PowerPoint instruction into a game is one of the best ways to keep students focused and to help them remember the information.


Exit Ticket

Need a quick formative assessment at the end of a lesson?

Use the AI question maker to generate an exit ticket question. Project the question on the board. Each student can record their name and response on a scratch piece of paper. Then, they can hand the paper to you as they leave class.

Printable Quiz

If you are planning to give students a quiz at the end of a PowerPoint presentation, let the AI quiz generator make the quiz for you.

To make a printable quiz in ClassPoint, generate your questions and save each of them to slides. Then, print the slides with the quiz questions. I like to print six slides per page to save paper.


As an elementary educator who is juggling a lot of students and subjects, I am always looking for ways to save time. ClassPoint’s AI quiz generator is one of the best time-saving tools I have found for creating quizzes and question banks.

At the time of writing this blog post, the AI tool is being released to those on the waitlist. Join the waitlist HERE to start using ClassPoint’s AI question maker soon!


Helpful Tip: Looking for more information about ClassPoint? I have a blog post about creating interactive PowerPoint presentations HERE. I also have a blog post about ClassPoint’s gamification tools HERE.