Place Value and Rounding Lessons


Want to save time planning your place value, rounding, and comparing numbers unit and have access to activities that students love? These Place Value and Rounding Lessons come with detailed lesson plans, worksheets, games, centers, exit tickets, assessments, and much more! PDF and digital activities are included for both in-personal and virtual learning.

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Place Value and Rounding Lessons

Are you looking for no-prep lessons and activities to teach place value and rounding? Look no further! These Place Value and Rounding Lessons for 3rd Grade provide everything you need to teach place value to the hundred thousands place and rounding and comparing numbers to the thousands place. Save time planning and your students will love completing the hands-on activities found in this unit.

To take a closer look at some of the things included in this unit, check out the preview images at the top of the page!

What will students learn through these detailed lesson plans?

7 Detailed lesson plans are included to help students learn and practice the following skills–

  • Read six-digit numerals orally.
  • Write six-digit numerals in standard form, written form, and unit form.
  • Represent up to six-digit numbers with models include base-10 blocks, stick models, tally marks, place value discs, and pictorial models.
  • Represent numbers up to 9,999 in multiple ways. (ex: 256 can be 1 hundred, 14 tens, and 16 ones OR 25 tens and 6 ones)
  • Determine the value of each digit in a six-digit whole number.
  • Round a given whole number, 9,999 or less, to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.
  • Compare two whole numbers, each 9,999 or less, using symbols (>, <, =, or ≠) and/or words (greater than, less than, equal to, and not equal to).
  • Order up to three whole numbers, each 9,999 or less, from least to greatest and greatest to least.

What comes in these Place Value and Rounding Lessons?

You will find the following included in this math unit–

  • 13 Detailed Lesson Plans
  • 17 Worksheets
  • 16 Task Cards
  • 8 Games
  • 7 Anchor Charts
  • 7 Exit Tickets
  • 6 Sorts/Foldables
  • Quiz
  • Final Test
  • Word Wall Cards
  • Digital Activities for Google Slides
  • Answer Keys

Are digital resources included?

Some worksheets, the quiz, and the test within these Place Value and Rounding Lessons are also included in a digital format and can be shared with students using your Google Drive.

When you purchase this product, you will be given access to a link that will allow you to open the file in Google Slides. You’ll then share that file with your students. The slides can be printed and adapted for students who prefer to answer the questions by hand. You can also view and print a student’s completed version of the slides.

What standards are covered?

These Place Value and Rounding Lessons are specifically created to align with Virginia math SOL 3.1 although the lessons and activities closely align with most math standards related to place value with up to 6-digit numbers and rounding and comparing numbers up to 4-digit numbers.

Don’t Miss Out!

These Place Value and Rounding Lessons for 3rd Grade require minimal prep work and are easy to implement whether teaching in-person or virtually. Students will also enjoy learning about place value, rounding, and comparing numbers as they play games, complete hands-on activities, and relate place value to real-world examples.


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