Halloween Escape Room


This Halloween Escape Room is the perfect way to keep students engaged and learning leading up to Halloween! Six Halloween-themed challenges incorporate math and ELA skills. Both a digital version and a PDF version of the escape room are included.


Halloween Escape Room

Are you looking for a fun way to keep students engaged leading up to Halloween? This Halloween Escape Room includes 6 fun challenges that incorporate math and ELA skills!

To take a closer look at some of the activities included with this Halloween Escape Room, check out the preview!

What escape room activities are included?

When completing activities, students will use critical thinking skills to complete 6 challenges. Challenges include activities such as:

  • Reading a passage and decoding words about Halloween history
  • Using a cipher to decode a list of Halloween safety tips
  • Using coordinates to solve Halloween riddles
  • Locating Halloween vocabulary
  • Solving single and multi-step word problems and using the answers to create a code
  • Unscrambling words related to trick-or-treating
  • Using a bar graph to answer questions and create a code

Are students able to complete the escape room digitally?

This Halloween Escape Room includes BOTH a digital version that can be completed using Google Forms AND a PDF version that can be printed and used in a classroom.

When you purchase this resource, you will be given access to a link that will allow you to open the escape room in Google Forms. You’ll then be able to share the activity with your students.

Don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for something fun to keep students focused AND want to review important academic skills around Halloween, this Halloween Escape Room is the perfect activity! The activity requires minimal prep time and students will love completing the challenges.


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