Christmas Math Task Cards: Problem Solving at Santa’s Workshop


If you are looking for a Christmas activity that is still aligned to math standards, look no further than this Christmas Math Task Cards activity! Students will love practicing math skills as they solve problems at Santa’s workshop!


Christmas Math Task Cards: Problem Solving at Santa’s Workshop

Christmas Math Task Cards: Problem Solving at Santa’s Workshop is a great way to review and practice problem solving during the holiday season! Multiple ways are provided to differentiate the activity for different learning levels.

With this Christmas Math Task Cards activity, students are provided information about what items are needed to make different gifts at Santa’s workshop and the cost of those items. Students must determine how much of each item is needed and what the total cost of those items will be. Problems are presented on task cards. Multi-step and single-step problems are featured.

How can this Christmas math activity be differentiated?

Differentiated levels include a set that only uses whole numbers and a second set that incorporates decimals. Coupons and sales cards, which also come in whole numbers and decimals, have also been included for students needing an additional challenge.

What is included with this Christmas Math Task Cards activity?

Included in this activity:

  • teacher instructions
  • student instructions
  • 4 store flyers with pricing
  • coupons
  • 16 task cards (two sets of task cards are included- a colored set and a black and white set)
  • student response worksheets
  • exit tickets
  • answer keys

What is the best way to use this Christmas activity?

These Christmas Math Task Cards are great as a center activity, partner work, SCOOT game, or for guided instruction.

What are other buyers saying about this resource?

  • “This is great to use the last week before Christmas break!” (John W.)
  • “My grade 4 students really enjoyed this. Thanks!” (Shiela K.)

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