Are you using extensions with your Google Chrome browser? Google Chrome extensions are a game-changer for teachers, especially if you are teaching virtually. But, with so many extensions to choose from, how do you know which to use? In this post, you’ll discover some of the best Google Chrome extensions for teachers in 2021!


What Are Google Chrome Extensions?

If you are unfamiliar, Chrome extensions are small programs that you can easily install into your Chrome browser. Once installed, extensions can improve or change your browser’s functionality. For example, Google Chrome extensions for teachers can help you:

  • make online articles and passages more interactive for students
  • save time opening programs and performing certain digital functions
  • make your digital content more engaging for students
  • translate documents for ESL students
  • make online content more accessible
  • and LOTS more!

What Are the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers?

The following are four of the top Google Chrome extensions for teachers in 2021. If you want my complete top ten list of extensions that teachers need to be using, check out the video below. The video also shows how to install and open extensions in your browser.

Insert Learning

Have you ever found an online passage or article for students to read, but wished there was a way to check their comprehension? InsertLearning is your solution! With InsertLearning, you can add questions, discussions, and other interactive activities to almost any online article or passage. This is a great way to keep students engaged while reading and to check their understanding.

Google Docs Quick Create

If you are teaching online, you are probably using Google apps all the time. Sometimes, it can be a pain to open a new doc, sheet, slide, or form. You have to either open a new tab and go through your Google Drive or use a search engine to find what you want to use. With Google Docs Quick Create, you can open a doc, sheet, slide, form, or drawing in seconds just by clicking the icon in your browser.

As educators, we don’t have a lot of time. Shaving off time opening Google apps will add up throughout the week. Those minutes could be used to enjoy an extra cup of tea in the morning or to read a few more pages of a book before bed!

GIPHY for Chrome

Have you noticed that students love GIPHYs? Using these fun images and videos can be a great way to catch students’ attention. GIPHY for Chrome allows you to easily add almost any GIPHY to things you are creating online such as an email, a morning message in Google Docs, or new content in Google Classroom.



If you ever record screen captures or teaching videos for your students, you need Screencastify! Screencastify is a free program that allows you to record short videos and screen captures. It also comes with some editing tools so that you can edit your teaching videos. Best of all, the editing tools are very easy to use. You do not need to know a lot about video editing and creation to make engaging videos for your students.


With so many teachers teaching remotely, Chrome extensions are must-have teaching tools in 2021! These are just a few Google Chrome extensions for teachers that will help you save time or engage students. Remember, to check out my video about extensions for teachers to learn about even more Chrome extensions for teachers, tips for how to use each extension, and a tutorial for how to install and open extensions in your Chrome browser.

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