Are your students struggling to memorize their multiplication facts? We’ve all heard that one of the best ways to learn the times tables is with repetition. But, you may be wondering how can you constantly reinforce multiplication facts without students getting bored? In this blog post, I’m here to share 10 fun ways to practice times tables throughout the school year. With these games and activities, your students are sure to stay engaged as they practice all of their multiplication tables.


All of the games and activities shared in this post are easy to make and play in your classroom. But, if you want to have everything prepped and ready for you, check out my Multiplication and Division Facts Lessons. The resource includes ten detailed lesson plans. Each lesson plan includes no-prep strategies, games, worksheets, timed quizzes, and much more to help your students master their times tables while having fun.

3D Times Tables Models

Models such as arrays and equal groups are an easy way to help students visualize multiplication facts. But, drawing models can get old fast. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your times tables models, try making 3D models.


Candy is always a fun way to practice time tables but there are lots of other small objects you can also use (especially if you don’t want your students having a sugar crash mid-day). Other fun objects that can be used to make arrays and equal groups models include stickers, tiny erasers, Goldfish crackers, and paperclips. Pop It toys are also great tools for modeling with arrays.


4 in a Row Multiplication Facts Game

4 in a Row is a twist on the classic Connect Four game.

For this game, you will give students a grid with any multiplication fact at the top of the page. In the example below, students are practicing their 2 times tables. Under the multiplication fact, there is a grid with possible products.

A student rolls two dice and finds the sum of the numbers rolled. Then, they multiply the sum of the numbers rolled by the number at the top of the page. They find the product in the grid and cover it with a marker. Students take turns rolling and covering products until one student covers four in a row.


Trashketball Game with Multiplication Tables

You are probably familiar with trashketball. Using this game is a fun way to practice times tables and can re-engage students if they are getting bored with practicing multiplication facts.

When using trashketball to practice times tables, I divide the class into a few teams. Each team is given a small whiteboard and a marker. To play:

  • I write a multiplication or division sentence on the board.
  • Each team writes the answer on their small whiteboard.
  • When instructed, the teams hold up their answers.
  • Every team that wrote the correct answer receives a piece of paper.
  • Repeat the process several times.

At the end, teams crumple their paper into balls. Each team stands an even distance from a trashcan and throws their paper balls at the trashcan. The team that gets the most balls into the trashcan wins.

Roll and Write Fact Families

A roll-and-write game is an easy way to practice fact families with multiplication and division facts.

For this activity, each student needs two dice. The two numbers rolled represent the two factors. They use those numbers to create a fact family by generating two multiplication sentences and two division sentences.


Times Tables Relay Race Game

Games are always a fun way to practice times tables. I especially enjoy games that get students up and moving.

For a times tables relay race, draw a line down the middle of the whiteboard to divide it into two sections. On each side of the whiteboard, write multiplication and division facts (without the product/quotient). Make sure there are the same number of problems on each side of the board. To play:

  • Divide the class into two teams. Each team will stand in a straight line, facing the whiteboard.
  • When you say “go,” the first person from each team will run to the board and write the product/quotient next to ONE problem.
  • When that student finishes, they will run back to the line and tag the next person.
  • The game continues until both teams have answered all of the problems on their side of the board.

When using a relay race in the classroom, it is a good idea to clear desks and chairs out of the way. This game can get rowdy!

Practice Times Tables Worksheets

You may be thinking, “Worksheets cannot possibly be a fun way to practice times tables!”

But, who said worksheets have to be boring? There are lots of fun ways to practice times tables with worksheets. Some of my favorite activities include mazes, color-by-number activities, and bump games.


2 Times Tables Game

The 2 times tables game only works with multiplication facts with 2. To play:

  • Give each student an index card.
  • Students will write an even number between 4-24 on their index cards.
  • Roll two dice. Students will multiply the sum of the numbers rolled by 2.
  • Any students that have the product on their index cards, get a point.
  • Repeat the activity several times. The student with the most points wins.

I love math activities that allow students to practice more than one skill at the same time. The 2 times tables game not only provides an opportunity to review multiplication tables but also allows for a discussion about probability.

Discuss whether certain products would appear more often and why. For example, products of 12 or 14 will appear more often than a product of 2. This is because there are many ways to roll a sum of 6 or 7 but only one way to roll a sum of 2.

Fun Timed Multiplication Facts Quizzes

Timed multiplication facts quizzes are staples in many upper elementary classrooms. But, adding a small twist to this traditional approach can quickly turn timed quizzes into one of the most fun ways to practice times tables in your classroom!

Give each student a worksheet with a series of multiplication and/or division facts, like you always would for timed quizzes. But, instead of using a timer, use a fidget spinner. When the fidget spinner stops spinning, see how many facts students were able to correctly answer.

Using a fidget spinner for your multiplication timed quizzes takes away some of the pressure and creates a fun game for students.


Times Tables Task Cards Games

Task cards are always a great way to practice math skills because there are so many ways you can use task cards in the classroom.

One of my favorite math task cards games is a scavenger hunt game. For this game, place your task cards at different locations around the room. It is up to you to decide whether the cards are placed out in the open or hidden. For each task card, write the corresponding numbers on pieces of paper, fold the papers, and put them in a basket.

Find these math task cards HERE!

Each student will draw a number. Then, they must find the task card with the same number. When they find the correct card, they should write the response to the question on their task card recording sheet. Students should continue selecting numbers from the basket and searching for cards until they find all the task cards.

You can find the Multiplication and Division Task Cards pictured above HERE.

Multiplication Tables Coordinates Game

As I previously mentioned, I love finding ways to cover more than one math skill at the same time. For this multiplication tables game, students will play in pairs. Each pair of students should be given two dice.

One player will roll the two dice. The first number rolled represents the number along the bottom of the grid (see the image below). The second number rolled represents the number along the left-hand side of the grid. Students will use these coordinates to locate problems within the grid to solve. If they solve correctly, they get to place their marker over the space. Players take turns. The player to cover the most spaces wins.

This game is a fun way to practice times tables and introduce students to coordinates.



There are lots of fun ways to practice times tables! Using a variety of games and activities keeps students engaged and helps them memorize their multiplication facts faster.

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